Holidays = lots of photos. Lots of photos = skin on show. Is your skin camera ready?
The best thing anyone can do before they set off on an overseas jaunt, is get their skin in tip-top shape  so an instagram filter is not needed on all your close up shots. I cannot recommend any higher, the niftiness that is microdermabrasion and Healite LED light therapy. My favourite place to visit for said beauty frivolities is Luminiere in Randwick.
Why is microdermabrasion perfect for travellers? 
Not only does it get rid of the gunk, it hydrates (essential for all those seasonal changes and overly air-conditioned planes), it gives you an instant instagram filter without having to apply one by evening out skin tone, and it helps set you skin up on the path to enlightenment… and just a general sense of amazingness. 
Microdermabrasion helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and remove dry build up of cells from the surface of the skin. Heatlite LED, on the other hand, helps to strengthen the complexion and clear congested regions (something I have quite a bit of on my chin). 
My experience at Luminiere, Randwick.
I arrived at Luminiere clinic a bit frazzled, but lucky for me, my stress died upon entering the relaxing surroundings of the clinic. Mel, my skin-magician for the day ran over complexion with a quick consult and devised a plan of action: a microdermabrasion to help with the congestion party taking up camp on my chin and hydration, followed swiftly with a round of healtlite LED. After my skin was properly cleansed, it was vacuumed to its shiniest potential (note – not actually vacuumed, that is just what microdermabrasion felt like – totally pain free, fyi). Mel then helped the lacking circulation in my face by performing probably the best massage I have ever had – on my face, shoulders and head. I still have dreams about that massage – maybe one day I will find a handsome husband to perform such things on me – for now, I have Luminiere! After this little slice of heaven was performed  I was zenned out for the rest of the day. This heavenly massage was followed by a shockingly bright dose of heatlite LED light therapy to strengthen my skin (the brightness was harsh at first, but my eyes adjusted quickly – and the results totally outweighed the short interlude of bright) and off I went with a spring in my step, a face to complexion to wow people with and a completely calmed state.. I was on cloud nine!
Mel went above and beyond to take care of my skin, and I certainly was impressed. I can’t recommend Luminiere any higher. They are professional, so darn lovely and super helpful. 

Next time you are in need of a skin perk up prior to your travels, or just a general want for beautiful skin -head to Luminiere in one of their four locations, and tell them Lucy sent you!

Luc X

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** I was kindly gifted this session for blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product.
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