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There are days (a little too often than not), that I literally would rather chew my own toe off than wash my locks. The hours of arduously washing and drying my long hair could so better be invested in doing more fruitful things such as – learning to tightrope walk, cleaning out the cobwebs on the roof or trying my hand at yodelling!
The point is – I am not always a fan of washing my hair, particularly when I am tired. So, for days that I cannot fathom the hours of preening and prepping – I utilise my second favourite aerosol bottle (behind hairspray) – Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo and Conditioner. 
Efficiency is a word that is deeply entrenched in my veins. Without efficiency, I would seize to exist – hence why I love these deeply efficient, fun and darn impressive products. They are my best kept secret in achieving cleaner looking hair, minus the effort. Not to mention, they are freaking fabulous for day-after-washed-hair to give that “lived in feel”, and helps to calm down dem pesky ends.
Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo refreshes hair to control oilness and adds grip and movement to colour treated hair. The Dry Conditioner, in contrast, helps to add moisture to the ends like a true genius. They both have been saving my sanity for the past 2 months.
What makes these perfect pairs so rad (apart from the obvious), is not only that they work at treat at allowing me to get a little more shut eye, but their ingredients list is pretty well thought out. With a combination of orange oil (to nourish and leave hair with a satin finish); refreshing minerals (to minimise odours and stop scalp from clogging); antifade complex (to protect and maximise colour retention); and a fresh scent (to basically tell oily hair odours to piss off) – you seriously are getting to best end of the stick.

** I was kindly gifted these products for blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. 
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