For a long time now, I have been a ModelCo fan. My obsession started with their tan airbrush in a can, crept up with their face self tan and face base primer, and then dramatically peaked with fibre lash. Why wouldn’t I love this brand?
Well, not only are they Australian, but their packaging has me weak at the knees with brand advocacy – I love a little pink, and I LOVE quality. So, it is no surprise that I am head-over-heels with 3 new products that I have trialled over 2 weeks – so let me share.
Gradual Tan everyday body moisturiser
I am pale, man. Like seriously – I rival Casper when it comes to the pastiness olympics. I have the lovely British gene that makes me blend in to my urban surroundings like a Chameleon: not to mention my opaque arms that gives easy access to any Vampire who just so happens to be wondering by. But, nature verses nurture usually prevails, and gradual tanner becomes my solitude in the cooler months. I don’t for one second condone suntanning, (hello, have we met – I am the biggest SPF advocate out) but faking it till I make it is definitely a bandaid solution that I will wear for the rest of my life. Plus, it gives me a glow that maintains my skin’s longevity.
The scent is divine and makes me want to lick my limbs after layering up in its deliciousness, and it is hydrating – which is sometimes hard to come by. To top off its already greatness, the price is ridiculously low and oh, so affordable. I love a gradual tanner that doesn’t cost the earth – thanks ModelCo for meeting all my criteria. I will be living off this beauty for years to come.
<img src=“beauty-blog.jpg” alt+” beauty blog” />
Subtle smokey eye, big lashes and a bold lip (in Tango – purchased last year)
Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara
Great mascaras that are affordable as super hard to come by. I cannot live without a great mascara, and ModelCo has certainly filled that area of my life that seems to have been missing for the past 2 months. I am in lust with their Fibre Lash, but then Lashxtend came in to my life, and I wonder how I ever lived without him. 
For lusty, come-hither, bat-worthy lashes, you would be silly to go past Lashxtend. Mascara Connoisseur approved
Eyeshadow Trio (in Arabian Nights)
Nobody likes an all-over-the-lid-moving smokey eye- ain’t nobody got time for fixing up! Thank god for effortless, blendable eyeshadows such as this beauty cause commitment to a deep hue is just not something I am capable of. These dark colours look rad for a night-time look, but for everyday (as above in picture), I prefer a subtle light smokey eye, so the brown is perfect (of which I smudge to be super light). Lustruous and matte, this convenient palette is lust-worhty and an everyday necessity.
And, because we all love a good deal, I thought I would share with you ModelCo’s latest promotion (that will have your beauty bellies seriously craving this deal). Simply visit Woolworths (online or instore), purchase any ModelCo cosmetic or tanning product then enter your details to reveal an instant prize. Every entry also goes in to the draw to win the jackpot of $100,000. That is 100 big ones to spend on whatever your heart desires. Me? I would spend it on a one-way ticket to London, some serious Dior-indulging and probably a whole heap of ModelCo Tan-in-a-can.. nobody wants to blend in with the Brits in London 🙂
So, what are you waiting for?
Luc X
** I was kindly gifted these products for blog consideration (minus the lipstick I am wearing in the photo – which is a ModelCo lipstick I purchased myself). This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product.
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