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 Hi, my name is Lucy and I am a closed-mouth/hand-over-teeth-smiler. I am also pretty great at pulling faces just to avoid showing my teeth.

I have spent the past 24 years hating my teeth. Ok, slight exaggeration: I am not sure  dislike was an emotion prior to the age of 7: but soon after losing all my baby teeth, I gathered a slight haste towards my chompers. I now have a rather large love-hate relationship with my teeth. Love, because they enable me to gorge myself on delicious food. Hate, because they are small, uneven and just so darned British. Don’t get me wrong, I love that British gene – pale skin, a somewhat weird accent (Lord knows where I got that from – I have lived in Australia most of my life), and an innate love of all things ‘The Queen’ and tea (I could basically be a Princess- just call me Lady Lucy). But, the one thing that I rather had wished had not been passed on to this little one is most definitely the crooked teeth.

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 For the last 3 years I have stared at my photos and thought: if only my lacking-height-vampire teeth were closer resembling that of **insert a clearly ‘worked-on’ celebrity name here **. And, all this was in reach for so long, yet I was just too lazy to do anything about it (**palm to face **). Then, along comes Invisalign and an 8 month dedication to a cause, and I am on my way to a pretty fancy-schmancy new smile – minus the pain and awkward-teenage-lip-stuck-to-braces that traditional braces would have ensured.
pre invisalign treatment

Pre Invisalign Treatment

A few weeks back, I popped by my Orthodonist – Dr. Baisi (a member of The Invisible Orthodonist group) – who told me I was a candidate for Invisalign. We sat down, had a little chat about my teeth qualms and then they gave them a scan (with a very funky contraption that basically took photos of my teeth) and shot them in to a computer-generated mouth that I could see on the screen. It (very honestly) showed me what my current state of my teeth were in (not so great) and then showed me what will change with Invisalign (over the course of 34 aligners). This scan – referred to as ClinCheck® – most definitely was what sold me on the idea of Invisalign. Fast forward 4 weeks and my aligners had arrived and are currently bff’s with my teeth

The great thing about my aligners, apart from the fact that they are setting me on the path towards straighter teeth, is that they are virtually impossible to see. I initially had a lisp (which, was rather entertaining to my family), but other than that, nobody could tell that I was wearing them – I actually had to show a few people who didn’t believe me. Sure, they take a bit of getting use to, but they truly are quite easy to live with – especially when you know the end result are going to be worth it.
Be sure to swing by the blog again, and check out my progress report.
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  • Aligners- these are clear trays (that need to be worn for 22 hours a day). They are made of plastic (the non-toxic, medical grade kind) and are kind of like the tray you would wear to whiten your teeth
  • You need to take your aligners out every time you eat or drink and I find the aligners pop in and out relatively easily
  • Aligners are changed every 2 weeks (of which you are given a few weeks of trays after each check-up)
  • I don’t find it painful (apart from slight discomfort on your first day). I have never had braces prior, but I have heard (from brace and Invisalign users) that Invisalign is much better in terms of comfort etc.
  • Costs vary depending on the amount of aligners you need
  • I have 34 aligners: usually these are changed every two weeks, but I have purchased Acceledent which means I change every week
  • AcceleDent helps to half the time of the Invisalign process. It is a hand-held mouth guard that you wear everyday for 20 minutes. It gently vibrates and helps to move your teeth faster. This cannot be added to your treatment plan (it needs to be paid for up front – $1400)
what it looks like when wearing Invisalign

Wearing Invisalign

So, you could say I am on a journey towards finding ‘Straight-Teeth-ville’ – will you join me?!

I was kindly gifted this Invisalign treatment for review but this did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product, results or experience. The AcceleDent was purchased from my own funds.Please refer to my policy and disclaimer for more information.
Images- Own and from consult
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