Splurging large sums of money on cosmetics can be risky. I for one have spent thousands of dollars on lost skin-dreams, tarnished hopes and ‘youth serums’ that have garnered no results over the past 5 years. Alas, I have become almost a skincare connoisseur of sorts, and know how to sniff a good product out. Now, La Mer is a brand I have heard a lot about (and am a tad obsessed with their Hydrating Infusion), and was a little hesitant to trial their products for fear I would become addicted – and I have! Essentially, my back pocket will be a hell of a lot skinnier this year after my latest experience with the La Mer Brightening Essence Intense and Infusion Intense – one hell of an addiction as been uneathered!

Harken all ye non-believers, the La Mer Brightening Infusion Intense and Essence Intense “oooh-shiney-but-ow-the-price” range is literally worth the ‘eyes squished shut’ plunge. Sure, hundreds of dollars might seem a little steep, but for the results, in even a short timeframe, you will be head over-heels in love with your new, brightened skin and never look back.

Allow me to clear my throat for a list of what these two products have done for my skin, to give you a better idea of what you are in for.. Rightio! Since I stared using the La Mer Brightening Essence and Lotion, my pores have shrunk; my pigmentation faded and even in parts disappeared; despite my moody-ass skin that would flare up in extreme air-conditioned environments, my good to troublesome skin ratio has become outweighed with mega-awesome-skin days; my skin is firmer, toned and wrinkles around my mouth are less obvious; although I have seriously annoying uneven skin tone on parts of my chin, the rest of my face is pretty impressive (if I do toot my own horn); I have actually been comfortable just going to work in SPF as my base – this hasn’t happened since I was in primary school; and my decolletage is resembling a 14 year olds chest with even, smooth and hydrated skin – no more nasty wrinkles! Oh, and I almost forgot – my skin is literally glowing!


Now, to give you some context of my skin prior – I was laden with sun speckles. I mean, sure, I worship at the alter of paleness and SPF, but I am MOST definitely the girl that is petrified of adding any more freckles to her already ‘rivalling Lindsay Lohan’ colony. I have (for the past 3 years) had a superseded obsession with celebrity skin that was bought on one post-inflamatory, purple-specked-hyperpigmented moons ago. I have strived for a very, very long time, to build up my skin, brighten it, reduce pigmentation and be proud of my skin – something that gets more and more difficult with age. I never loved my pigmentation, but, within the past 2 months thanks to La Mer Brightening range, I have learnt, that pigmentation doesn’t need to be the bane of ones existence, and that loving my skin is an emotion that I can, and will feel. Everyday I wake up and thank the skin gods that La Mer exists.

 Have you got pigmentation that you are not a fan of? Do you know of any great solutions?

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