I have a serious love for brands that can merge nature and skincare in one. Sure, I use many products that contain non-natural ingredients, but, where I can, I like to use products that come as close to nature as possible. And, People for Plants is most definitely one brand that I love, and want to introduce you to: so let’s chat my favourites.

Hemp, apricot kernel, macadamia Hand Cream
I have sang the praises of hemp for a while now, and for the first time in a long time, I have been able to find an inexpensive version – which is also organic (hallelujah!). 
This soothing, protective and quick-absorbing hand cream is luxurious (minus the price tag), beneficial to dry hands and helps keep my battered hands looking 25 (not older)! 
Chamomile, calendula, shea Sensitive Moisture
Not everyone is blessed with great skin. I for one have been handed the dodgy skin gene, and will often (mostly in Winter or via air-conditioning), turn into a sensitive sally and reap the not-so-beneficial rewards of irritated skin. When this happens, I have found that this sensitive moisturiser, thanks to its chamomile ingredients, zaps up this issue quick-smart and leaves me with nourished skin, minus the nasty red-cheeked aftermath.
Kakadu plum, calendula, chamomile Eye Cream
I have a penchant for eye creams. I am super petrified of under eye wrinkles, so for the amount of times I use them, finding a quality organic one was high up on my list (91.4% organic infact). This tiny tube of miracles has helped to brighten and hydrate my eye area, and is the perfect companion to my nighttime ritual as it is fast-absorbing and protects the delicate area. 
Rosehip, gingko, shea Day Cream
I love a product that loves my skin no matter what mood it is in. This light beauty is chock-full of precious bio-available ingredients that has my skin calmed when sensitive, and quenched when dry. To top it off, it has anti-ageing benefits – something that I am suitably anal about since turning 25 a few weeks back.
Argan, pomegranate, milk thistle organic face oil
Every girl needs a good face oil. I am literally addicted to this bad-boy thanks to the hydrating benefits of argan oil, and the soothing-ness (yes, I realise that isn’t a word) of milk thistle. I find this is the perfect night-time power booster thanks to its abilities to boost collagen and help heal any dry patches almost instantly. 
I use prior to my night-time moisturiser, and wake up to strengthened and revitalised skin. Definitely a non-expensive winner!
Papaya, quillaja, apricot Body Scrub 
This little beauty has been a favourite of mine for a while now, and it is no wonder – with gentle microbeads that gently slough away all of my soccer sweat and dead-skin, leaving it refreshed and subtly reinvigorated. 
Have you tried People for Plants?
Luc X
** I was kindly gifted these products for blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. 
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