I am pretty simple when it comes to what I like in a man. Sure, they might not be the easiest of men to find. I know a man with an accent and intelligence doesn’t always turn up on the northern beaches of Sydney, but there is definitely one thing that literally causes fatal attraction with me and the opposite sex, and that is… a good scent! If a man walks past me smelling like the epitome of sexy, I will automatically fall in love *cue knees buckling *. Call it Lucy’s Law, but a fresh, clean scent can win you brownie points with any woman, every time.
Bold, seductive notes are an equation for confidence, and are a definite after dark booster, while subtle sea breezes is a man jam I could definitely take hikes through the forest with. So, to make your life easier, dear men (and perfume -buying women), I have compiled a list of scents that I rank highly on the “Lucy scale”. Sure, it may not be for every nose, but it makes me fall over every time a guy walks past wearing them.
Marc Jacobs Bang
This devilishly sensual scent is a serious nirvana for your nasal passages that is sure to get anyone’s endorphins going. Not to mention that the primitive warmth of woody notes and explosive use of peppercorns will cause an instantaneous formation of sweat beads on any lass’s forehead. Stupidly, I gifted one to a good male friend of mine, and what has followed since is an awkward amount of desire for his neck region. Pity he is gay *palm in face*.
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Chanel Bleu de Chanel
Chanel never puts a note wrong. If I had my way, Chanel would decant the whole world. Having fallen in scent agony over Chanel Allure Homme, Chanel then hit me in the head with Bleu de Chanel, but the aromatic concussion was so worth it.
Chanel Bleu de Chanel is basically symbolic of a man in a sharp suit, having just stepped out of a forest of pine trees to rescue a lost puppy/kitten/sloth (insert animal of choice here). Make him feel liberated with this woody scent that blends citrus and woods to unearth parts of your sensory complex you never knew existed.
Biotherm Homme Force
Reading more like a cocktail list then a male scent, Biotherm’s Homme Force offers complete scent-spiration for any male. It is delivered with brut force with the use of citrus, yet toned down by a woody base of Amber, Patchouli, Absinthe and Cardamom. It practically equates to “come hither’” in a scent, not to mention that he too will enjoy the crisp, sensual, signature statement.
Calvin Klein CK One
And for the guy that likes to smell like his gal, unisex fragrances are the scent de jour. I for one love to wear men’s fragrances because it makes me OK with being single and not being able to sniff the neck of a boy every morning. Calvin Klein, ever the sharer, makes a plethora of unisex fragrances, but my top pick is Calvin Klein CK One. It is an invigoratingly citrusy yet charming scent that is a modern classic for both male and female. 
What’s your favourite scent on a man? What fragrance does the special someone in your life wear?
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