I have a confession – I am pretty darn lazy when it comes to actually washing my hair. I prefer watching movies after a hard day at work as opposed to spending pain staking hours washing, drying and styling my locks. Thus, I am what some would call – ‘a dry shampoo connisseur – It is my second language. So, you could see why I like to take the subject very seriously.
So, let us chat about the champions of Dry Shampoo.
Paul Mitchell gets hair! I have a serious crush on a buttload of their products, but have an insatiable lust for their Dry Wash. 
First off – it has a seriously clean scent (and I am all for a delicate scents). Secondly – it is perfect for the gym junkie in me, as it is ultra fine, doesn’t leave a residue, and allows me to go from gergh to glam within seconds. It is on high usage in my sports bag. 
What I love about Klorane: apart from the fact it has some seriously beautiful products: is the fact that it takes care of the planet and its inhabitants with its strong ethics and research and development. I for one, would love to work for such a company. 
Moving on! This (once again) delicious dry shampoo is brilliant for oily hair, allowing you to frequently use, without drying your locks out. Thanks to seboregulating properties, it absorbs excess sebum in your hair, and leaves it looking clean and fresh, and smelling crisp!
I grew up on a steady diet of Fudge haircare products. They were my hair jam, and am still am a huge fan of them today. So, it is kind of obvious that I love their dry shampoo. 
Cleaning hair with its unique spray-on powder technology, with infusions of apricot kernel oils to leave the hair supple and model-esque, this little beauty has been rocking my day-after curls of late. I love a fresh do, and this hair genie has allowed me to maintain my stylish-do, without comprising on oil or loss of volume. It is tres awesome!
Say goodbye to unnecessary washes; say hello to gorgeous, refreshed hair!
This is probably my favourite dry shampoo thanks to its ability to boost volume without added product, and actually holds the oomph factor without the need for hairspray! Not to mention, the smell is heavenly and I have literally had people commenting on how good my hair smells after a spritz! 
This worth-every-penny dry shampoo helps to reduce the colour-stripping effects of water abrasion with its non-drying mineral-infused formula. Perfect for those vixens that are regular sitters colourists chair, and whom don’t want to see their colour seep down the drain.
Who needs water when you this baby?!
Do you have a go-to Dry Shampoo?
** I was kindly gifted the Pureology, Klorane and Paull Mitchell Dry Shampoos for blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. 
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