[FACT] Nobody likes to fork out fortunes for an everyday body lotion. 
Body lotions are a staple in my household, and are something I use at least once a day, without fail. Thus, being that I churn through so many, I can’t afford to pay the big bucks all the time -this is primarily why I thought I would let you in on a few of my favourite body lotions that I cannot live without, and that are cheap-as-chips!
This ultra-rich body cream has been giving my beached skin the TLC it has been craving. With shea nut butter for nourishment, and Vitamins A and E to help protect your skin from further damage, you are sure to fall in love with this luxurious, antioxidant rich cream, just as I have. 
Slather on in the morning for a pep-up and watch how irresistible your skin will become.
$8.95/ 45g
Have you ever noticed how ‘toxic’ sensitive skin therapy creams are? By toxic, I mean: full of petroleum which basically just ‘seals’ your skin instead of healing it? Not Lush UltraBalm! Nope, this petroleum-free moisturising balm is made of plant waxes: only goodness goes in. 
Chock full of healing properties, this protective barrier balm relieves skin discomfort, heals scrapes, adds moisture to dry patches and can even be used as a lip balm. There is nothing crude about this lube!
‘Dreamy’ probably doesn’t cut it when I am looking for an adjective to describe how delicious this liquidy lotion makes my skin feel. Bursting to the brim with relaxing notes of Lavender, this hydrating lotion sends me out of the bathroom in a zenned-out mood, AND with softened skin that rivals a Baby’s bottom! 
Every holiday, I stock up big time on The Body Shop Body Butters: in particular, Coconut. Without fail, this coconutty pot of goodness has me cheering ‘Aruba, Jamaica..’ and feeling the bliss of being on holidays, with no cares or worries.
The 50 ml is the perfect travel size, and is packed full of preservative-free goodness, that instantly gives your skin moisture, for an all-year deliciousness that will have walkers-by wanting to lick your arm.
For those who know me, you will know how desperately I avoid the sun, and how much sunscreen I go through on a monthly basis. Having received the genetic un-lottery with my British skin, I am so wary of ensuring I always am wearing protection on my face, but sometimes forget to apply it to my body. This is probably why I have mottle-coloured arms. Enter Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with SPF – and my life just got a whole lot easier. 
This friendly formula has become a daily ritual of mine thanks to it UVA/UVB protection and unique formula that has my skin kept in tip-top condition, soothed and smelling delectable. 
What is your go-to body lotion for under $20?
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