Let’s be serious guys – I can’t live without my serums! Like seriously, that silky fluid is my liquid gold – fending off wrinkles, preventing further damage one day at a time. Now, lets talk favourites
$75 / 30ml
This pearlescent bottle of youth is the perfect leverage for those who want to honestly start thinking about defending their youth. Featuring a proprietary active complex (Naturadiance PB18+) to help increase elasticity, restore radiance and reduce the appearance of fine lines, you are sure to notice a difference with this little Australian grown gem.
For skin the glows year round, hop on the Herbal Recovery bandwagon today!
French and chic products is basically a given, so it is little wonder that this little silver bottle of reconditioning serum is a hit with my skin. Sure, I am a massive Francophile, but is more then just French brilliance. It uses exclusive patent-pending formula that helps to coax your skin back to a healthy, regenerative state. It transforms your skin by encouraging your body’s natural processes to produce more proteins like collagen and elastin, leading to more youthful skin.
If you weren’t already aware, the Dead Sea has seriously got some cool things going for it – and beauty brands have started to catch on. This delicious concentrate is the almighty when it comes to restoring hydration. It also does wonders for upping the anti on the glow-factor, and reducing the amount of moisturiser I need to use, thanks to its ability to recharge and rehydrate.
For those lacking illumination thanks to dehydrated skin – skip the expensive moisturises, and turn to this coruscate serum, deemed ‘hot property’ in my household!
Boots Laboratories Serum7 Beauty Serum

Having only just landed down under, this best-selling European beauty brand, which is scientifically proven to give you younger looking skin in 28 days, is sure making waves in this lasses life. Having stepped on the bandwagon early, I am more than accustomed to living an highly anal life when it comes to choosing anti-ageing skincare. Not one to pick a produce that doesnt live up to its name, I knew I was in for a treat with this little tube – and boy, was I right!In 1 month, my skin is more toned, refined and dewy.
Available in Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies.
Results Rx X-Cellerate Skin Rejuvenation Serum
I was prescribed this tiny bottle of revitalising serum but my favourite people at Next of Skin. I have so much pigmentation on my face, from years of sun-sinning when I was a little kid (don’t judge). This little serum is an exception skin brightening and stimulating corrective serum, that contains powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts to gently reveal lighter, brighter, more even skin.
I am pretty impressed with its results so far, and I reckon you would be too!
Do you use a serum??
** I was kindly gifted these products (minus the Results Rx Serum) for blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. 
images- Jurlique, Ahava, Results Rx, Boots Laboratories, Luminesce
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  • Love this post and I definitely agree that a good serum saves you from buying an expensive moisturizer and I also find my skin responds to serum much better than moisturizer. Would love to try the AHAVA and Boots Laboratories ones xx

  • Larissa

    LOVE Jurlique herbal recovery. I would be keen to try a pigmentation one too

    Lar x

  • I’ve been using the Jurlique herbal recovery serum, and my skin has never felt better. I understand why everyone goes on about skin that glows – because mine really does now! Such a gorgeous product, I’m a serum convert now!

    Amy | Bubbles & Blush

  • I have been using Jeunesse products for about 6months now, and they have literally changed my life. I used to have 80 year old granny hands, and now they are fully repaired! Also their nutrition products are amazing too, I have never had so much energy ever – and I have two little ones draining my energy each day! If you want to see more about my Jeunesse jouney you can connect with me at

    • Sorry the Juenesse products include the Luminesce range. the only range on the planet to be using adult stem cell technology to repair and rejuvenate skin, that’s why it works!

  • Thank you so much for the detailing and really appreciate the effort in giving such a wonderful explanation about Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum.

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