I don’t even know how to start this piece, because I could really sum it all up in one sentence: I LOVE THIS RANGE! I know that is a massive thing to say; but, it truly is hard to fault these products!
De Lorenzo Essential Treatments products are a luxurious range of specialised treatment products infused with rich plant based oils including organic rosehip, pure botanical extracts, and antioxidant vitamins and minerals to replenish moisture lost through wind, sun and chemical processes. Paraben free with UV protectants.
They are all fabulous products, but talking about them all might bore you to tears: so how about a top 3?
De Lorenzo Et Absolute Deep Cleanser
For those who have a tendency to build up gunk in their hair (you know who you are), this deep cleansing shampoo will be on-par with washing away your hair sins (so reprenting). Traditional shampoos are fine at removing everyday build up such as oil and sweat, but this beauty goes above and beyond and will literally rid your locks of all the product build up you have harboured from the weekend: without stripping your hair.
I use it once a week: most commonly after a big weekend of hair-primping!
De Lorenzo Et Oil Balance
This pre-shampoo treatment has completely revolutionised the way I treat my hair. Sure, pre-shampoo may seem like an unnecessary step, but trust me when I say you will be blown away with the results just by adding this little true-blue beauty to the start of your shower ritual.
Simple to use: simply spray dry hair, and leave in for 10 minutes, then wash out: this oil spray will rebalance dry hair in seconds. Infused with rosehip and linseed oils to mimic your scalps natural oils, and provide nutrition to midlengths and ends, this simple step is worth its weight in gold for those looking to up-the-anti on their hair routine.
De Lorenzo Et Equilibrium
For those with dry hair, this deep repair treatment masque with organic rose hip and oat peptides, will transform your locks in less than a month. Refreshing damaged, dry and lifeless hair to its glory days: you will be left swishing you locks all across town!
Not only does it offer the VIP treatment to your hair, but it adds a burst of freshness to your shower: the smell is just divine. Trust me: you MUST give this beauty a go!
How long is your hair-care routine?
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