For those who know me: you will know I am an online shopping addict. Rarely do I venture in to the shops to purchase things (eek, there are people there!), so to find a beauty mecca, that has all your favourite brands under the sun- you could imagine I bookmarked that shit quickly! This Beauty Emporium that I talk of is RY: Recreate yourself and boy is it a goodie (not to mention, such quick delivery)!
I was kindly gifted this seriously flash GHD Air Hair Dryer from RY, and boy do I love her! She is sleek, has some serious grunt (in a good way) and delivers results so quickly, I now have more time for other prettifying things!
The GHD Air Hair Dryer is sleek in design and has two different speeds, and two different heat settings. I love the high speed and low heat setting, especially in Summer (I overheat quickly you see), and am a massive fan of the salon length cable- perfect for those days where I don’t like to stand in one spot. 
The dryer is ionic, which sounds scary, but actually means your hair dryer is way intelligent, man! When hair is wet, it is “positively charged”. Ionic dryers “restructure” ion clusters by saturating the hair in negative ions, thus, allow the water molecules to penetrate deep in to the hair, leaving hair rehydrated and dried in half the time. Some could say it is a gimmick: a lure to female consumer to the promise of healthier hair: but I actually can see the difference in my hair when I use the GHD Air Hair Dryer. No longer am I a slave the frizz, the damage and the arduous hours of hair drying (ok, maybe only 30 minutes on an old dryer): I now look forward to drying my hair, and love how “hair safe” it is to use. 
If you are after sleek, smooth and trying to avoid hair damage (but cannot forgo drying your hair), then the GHD Air Hair Dryer is the one to go for. 
Jump on to and pick yourself up this beauty today. Your hair will thank you, as to will your sanity.
** I was kindly gifted this for Blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. 
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