I have a big butt, so I cannot lie (when I say): I have magical powers of ‘wrinkle-disappearing’. True story. The kind of powers that allow me to go from drab and creapy (skinned), to ab fab and younger looking- all within seconds. And, because I am of the sharing-is-caring school of thinking: I figured I would share with you, my lovelies. 
An after-make-up goodie, Nanoblur gives you high definition skin in seconds. But how, you ask? Well, millions of particles are suspended in the cream to redirect light to reveal what seems to be a flawless complexion (I am all for Tom-foolery). To top off the complexion-perfection, it also reduces the appearance of pores, redness and mattifies the skin. 
They claim that it knocks up to 10 years off, in seconds, but lets be honest- it doesn’t really make me look 14: just more glowy, even-toned and fruitful, with blurred imperfections. Because I like to point shit out, it is also fragrance free, which is perfect for those sensitive Sallys who can’t handle scented products. What is not to love about a magical wrinkle-reducing-complexion-perfecting product that makes photoshop almost void, and is at a great price point?
If you know me, you would know how obsessed in love with eye creams I am. I am of the prevention is better than a cure pool, or in this case: putting off wrinkles whilst I can. That being said, I do have a few fine lines under my eyes, that are more dominant when I am tired, or now that I have started my new medication, which is making my eyes scratchy and sore. But, again, being the magician that I am, I enlist the help of Eysilix when I am having a bad day, and kamboom! wrinkles be all like- whaaaattt??!!
 Eysilix is one of those products that doubles-the-benefits, as it provides instant and long term results. Using 10 ultra modern active peptides and the finest botanical extracts to target the eye area, and Nano-Tensore Delivery System to immediately relax expression lines and wrinkles. Literally: a magic eraser for those lines you can’t seem to mask. It also helps boost radiance and provides instant luminosity to wipe away signs of fatigue, and make you seem more “awake”/ approachable. 
The results of using both Nanoblur and Eyesilix: a smoothed complexion, without the use of photoshop 
What do you use to fool people into thinking you have youthful skin?
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