For those who know me, you will know, one of my ABSOLUTE favourite flowers in the whole wide world, are Peonies. I have already imagined my wedding to be showering in pink and cream peonies, and if I could (/my budget would allow it), a bunch of fresh peonies would sit on my mantle piece every single week. So, you could say, I am a tad majorly excited to be introducing you this delightful new scent, from my fave scent-makers: Jo Malone. 
Welcome to the family Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Suede; a scent that, with every spray, sends your nostrils into tears of happiness and praise. Finally, a scent worthy of our warm Springs, that almost guarantees complete strangers will be coming up to you, and asking you what you are wearing (true story: has happened to me four times already). Yes: it truly is that delicious and lust-worthy. 
Every time Miss Malone brings out a new scent, I get giddy with excitement to try it, because I know that every single scent I have ever purchased from the brand has been pure nasal nirvana. I feel the need to hoard collect them all (as well as all the candles much to my bank accounts dismay), because I know that a Jo Malone London product will always:
a. Last me a vast amount of time compared to my other perfumes
b. Guarantees me compliments no matter where I go
c. Be value for money because a little spray goes a long, long way
Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Suede is this, and so, so much more (and lets not get started on the beautiful visuals that go with the scent).
 Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Suede is an amalgamation of sweet, seductive and opulent. With top notes of juicy red apple, and a heart of poignant peony, finished off with a base note of creamy, carnal suede: this florally, decadent combination is definitely not lacking heart or sophistication. A must-buy this Spring for those Lasses wanting to make an impact, every day!

On shelf 15th September 2013 at $90 (30ml Cologne) or $170 (100ml Cologne). 

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