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If I were stranded on a dessert Island, and I could only take one product with me: it would be Bio-Oil (and, if I was lucky enough, a delicious man- preferably, one with an accent)! It is my hard-working elixir of life, that I just cannot be without. I would definitely say, Bio-Oil is the equivalent to me, as to what Jesus was to the Bible: a pretty darn big deal!
Bio-Oil is my little multitasking friend that I can safely say keeps my sanity in tact. I will be the first to admit, my hips are laden in stretch marks. Yep. **gasp** I said it! I have the curse of the stretch: so what. Big deal. I am only human. After many years of being a dancer, and then abruptly quitting during puberty, my body went ape-shit and didn’t know how to cope with the weight gain. If I had known what I was going through was normal, and not tried to hide it: I think I would have known to use Bio-Oil. Sadly, I didn’t, and I am lay a slave to slathering my limbs with Bio-Oil, after every shower, without fail, to prevent further ones from arising. But hey, there could be worse things in life, so I ain’t complaining. I do have the softest hips imaginable: a positive in everything 🙂
<img src=“Bio-Oil-review.jpg” alt+”Bio Oil Review" />
$14.95 for 60ml, $24.95 for 125ml, $34.95 for 200ml
Stretch marks are not the only thing I use Bio for. Here are a few other ways I have incorporated my favourite oil in to my life:
All over my body, and during dry spells, on my face. 
My friend actually has amazing results with Bio-Oil as a facial moisturiser and I am now rather envious of her skin.
I add Bio-Oil and powdered milk to my bath, and live a luxurious, Cleopatra-equse life. I hop out of the bath glowing and with skin so silky, you could slide toy cars off.
For flyways: to tame those hated frizz parties that happen around my hairline.
Chapped lips: now that I have started Roaccutane for my ongoing battle with breakouts (** gasp ** another confession. Two in one post- who am I?), I am constantly battling dry lips. I slap on Bio-Oil in the morning and at night (as well as using lip care creams during the day), and have found that my lips are drying-out less. 
As a cuticle oil when I don’t have any cuticle creams on my. Bio-Oil is hydrating and softening, and leaves my cuticles in tip-top condition.
I go through a 200ml bottle a month, and would not know how to cope without it. Bio-Oil is, without a doubt, the most repurchased product I have in my life. 
How do you use your Bio Oil?
** I was kindly gifted this 60ml bottle. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product as I have been purchasing and using this product for many years. 

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