I have just gotten back from a Tropical getaway… in my shower! And man was it blissful. Now, you’re probably thinking: oh dear, what is Lucy on: but, I will assure you I am high on life and the enchanting smells of Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil (coconut) and Coconut Sugar rub.
I have told you about the benefits of Coconut Oil in the past (here), but did you know, Coconut Oil on the skin is one of the most hydrating lotions you can use? Now, usually when you apply pure coconut oil to the skin, you are left literally dripping with oil, and run the risk of staining your sheets, and possibly slipping over on tiles (this has happened to me before- I totally advise against it, cause it is rather dangerous). Alas, this is where Pure Fiji Nourishing exotic oil (coconut) comes in and saves the day (and possibly your life)!
Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil (coconut)
$34.95 for 267ml
No more stained sheets, overly oiled bodies or shiny skin, the Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil (coconut) throws all your ideas about drippy body oils out the door: and replaces it with the most unbelievable skin refresher/ hydrator/ magical elixir that is a mix of virgin coconut oil and exotic nut extract. It has the most delightful scent and hydrates instantly, and rejuvenates even the driest of skin. It also works a treat as a hair treatment (slap on and wrap in cling wrap for 1 hour and then shampoo out – great for dry scalps).
Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar scrub
$49.95 for 457ml
This is probably the best scrub I have ever come across. I have tried a bagillion exfoliating scrubs, and they have had little to no effect on actually ridding my skin of dead skin cells or making it smooth. I actually turned to using just sugar to intensely scrub my skin, and was left with red raw skin for hours after. Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar scrub is just as effective as plain sugar, but is not painful, is nourishing (thanks to the added Coconut Oil) and fills my shower with scents of Summer. 
Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar scrub uses sugar cane crystals, and the added benefit of naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl to gently buff away lizard skin and unclog pores. The end results = glowing, dewy skin, that even your friends will notice (and become a tad jealous)! 
These two goodies, are the perfect pair, and are a winning combination for my Sunday evening ritual. I start my week off glowing, smooth skinned and smelling like I have just come home from a relaxing Fijian holiday. What more could you ask for from your shower time?
** I was kindly gifted these products. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product as I was already a purchaser of the products and brand. 
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