One direction Our moment perfume review


Hi Guys,
The name is Ralph, and I thought I would quickly hijack Lucy’s computer whilst she is busy fritting about downstairs (mwahaha sucker). 
So, to fill you in: I am a Pug x Jack Russell, with a love of all things floor-food, sleeping all day and licking Lucy’s feet (the noise really freaks her out). But, more to the point, I actually also really like Lucy’s recent addition to her room- One Direction’s newest nasal sensation: ‘Our Moment’ perfume. 
One Direction Our Moment Perfume Review

Sometimes I like to steal her ‘Our moment’ perfume and pretend it is a play-toy. Shhh! Don’t tell her.

To be honest, I hadn’t really heard of the band until recently: Lucy keeps me out of her room as much as possible (she doesn’t like that I malt black hairs all over her white sheets, or that I like to sniff her floor for food remnants). But, one day, I heard her cousin chatting her ear off about these 1D boys (of which, to be honest, Lucy wasn’t really sure who they were – until she was schooled on the subject matter…for 2 hours) and eventually, she became addicted to their ‘Teenage Kicks’ song – it has become her morning coffee to get her blood pumping for the day ahead.
When I discovered that they had bought out a perfume, I thought my nostrils were in need of a sniff, and the minute I smelt its fruity, flirty goodness on Lucy, I was in love (with the perfume: not her: she wouldn’t take too kindly to affection of the dog variety). I know Directioners are going to go cray-cray for it!

One Direction Our Moment Perfume Review

No One Direction post is complete without a GIF

The sweet serenity scents of frangipani and jasmine, combined with pink grapefruit, red currants and wild berries, topped with a masculine, woody edge of musk and patchouli, (to let the scent linger) are totally mind blowing. I kind of feel like I am rummaging through a bin full of sunshine and fairy floss when she frits past. Bella (her cousin) says every time she sprays it she feels like the boys jumps out of thin-air and serenade her in spritzes and songs. She imagines this is what they smells like too (I just stare at her judgingly when shit like that comes out of her mouth)!

One Direction Our Moment Perfume Review

Lucy thinks she is pretty funny, dressing me up with the ‘Our Moment’ cap/lid.

This is a safe space right here, so I will be honest: every day Lucy wears the scent, it inspires me to get closer to my childhood dream of being in a boy band. Some days, I sit at the piano, staring at the perfume bottle, churning out songs (whilst nobody is around of course), and I can’t help but think: how great I would be as the newest member of the 1D team? I think I am rather dashing, don’t you? This shot would totally boost album sales, don’t you think? It’s my best side, and I just ooze- ‘buy me’!
Anyway, I think I smell brownies baking downstairs. Better run, my tummy is rumbling and I haven’t eaten in 20 minutes.

Till next time!
Our Moment is available exclusively to Myer from 26th August 2013 for $59 for 50ml EDP.
Love Luc Ralph 
** I was kindly gifted some of these product for blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product.
Images- Tumblr and own
Disclaimer- Ralph has since turned into a little bit of a Diva, and has starting demanding only high end dog chews. I think fame has gone to his tiny brain. Only time will tell if he will ever recover from his ‘Our moment’/ One Direction induced diva-ness. 
NB- No animals were hurt in the making of this post. But we do thank you for sitting through this One Direction Our Moment Perfume Review and reading this part! 
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  • Ty

    OMG! Ralph is adorable!!!

    Ty’s Blog of Epiphanies

    • He is pretty cute, isn’t he 😛

      Thanks for stopping by

      Luc xx

  • Gah, can I please steal ralph??

  • One direction one direction one direction … gah I love those boys. And I love this One Direction perfume review ha. Ralph is just the darndest

    • Haha, so glad you are a fan. The perfume is delectable.

      Ralph is the sweetest, isn’t he?

      Luc X

  • Anonymous

    This was literally the mkst perfect thing ever

  • Jeska

    I just wet myself- this blog is hilarious. I am so going out to buy the perfume now. I have smelt it and was a fan- it is surprisingly good.

    Thanks for sharing

  • verity dae

    I haven’t tried this perfume, but my cousin is obsessed with it. Love the post

  • Lara Cox

    This is brilliant, thanks for sharing on twitter. I love ralph and ironically, I love the 1D perfume (ironic because i am a fully fledged adult ha)!

  • Such a cute post- I laughed out loud. Ralph is adorable! Excited to try this perfume.. I hope it makes me feel like the guys are singing to me. We’ll see!

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