My cousin found out that I was attending the launch of the One Direction fragrance this coming week, and lets just say- she was a tad jealous. To be honest, I dont blame her – I am too, a bit excited they are launching a perfume- Our Moments, by One Direction. And when the invite came into my inbox, this may, or may not have, been my reaction…
Being that the perfume doesn’t come out for another few days, and I can’t release photos on social media of what it looks like (pretty fang-dangle cute if you ask moi), I thought I would give you a review, from the biggest One Directioners I know- my two beautiful cousins. But, they weren’t allowed to see the perfume either (under lock and key for now), so what better way to get their opinions, than with a blind review! So, using their nostrils only, we chucked a blind fold on and told them to tell to relay their thoughts. And they were very much obliging.

Lexi: “I think every directioner will love this smell because it smells fresh and girly. I really love it and makes you feel amazing!”

Bella: “The One Direction perfume makes me feel flirty and fun. It smells sweet, fruity and makes me feel good”. 

I am sure they will have much more to say when they actually get the bottle, and can post about it, but we didn’t want to give away the ‘scent’ too much- that part, I will happily expand on later, and hope you do too by checking it out in store!

Are you excited for the launch of the ‘Our moment’ perfume?
** disclosure- I may, or may not have bribed my cousins with the perfume (after the launch) for this review. 
Images- Tumblr and own
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