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No, the above is not a photo of some alien contraption, sent here to bludgeon us all. Nope. In fact, it is actually a mean-feat in Beauty technology, that allows us Beauties to remove the dreaded fluff from our bodies, in the comfort of our own home (and pain free). **Cue the applause ** Yes, dear Lady and Gentle Folk- this is the Philips Lumea Precision Plus, and it is freaking awesome. Full stop. The end.
Philips Lumea Precision Plus is so easy to use. Simply, charge, turn on and zap (day later shaved hair). Repeat every 4-6 weeks, and in next to no time, you will begin to see a reduction in the need to shave, and soon after, you will be basically hairfree. Time and cost effective, that is for sure. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: this little baby can be used on the face, so no more hairy moustache excuses ladies: zap and say ciao ciao!
Philips Lumea Precision Plus is also safe and effective to use on sensitive areas, has adjustable light energy settings and different attachments for your body and face (for more accuracy). Skin-to-machine contact is the only way these lasers will ‘go-off’, so you don’t need to fear that you might accidentally blind yourself: it is basically fool proof…but in saying that…

WARNING- Do not give this machine to feeble, small minded 21-year-old men like I did. They may just shove the machine in to their hairy armpits and may just end up singeing their armpit hair. Not going to lie- it is rather amusing to watch. The smell of singed hair afterwards: not so funny!Winter is the perfect time to get hairless and de-fuzz. Sure, shaving is a quick way to do as such, but how boring and monotonous is that? Not to mention, dangerous: if you saw my razor-cut ridden legs/ scars, you would understand what I mean! Laser hair removal is by far, the easiest and longest lasting investment we can make: it was the best investment I ever made for my sanity and hip pocket (hello, the cost of razors and waxes add up man). 

So why not give your fuzzy legs a leg-up on everyone else, and de-hairify in your ad break, at home?!
Have you tried Laser hair removal? Would you invest in at-home machines?
** I was kindly gifted this Philips Lumea Precision Plus. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. 
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