With the weather is being ever so PMSy cold at the moment, I can’t help but wonder: if my skin could talk, what kind of expletives it would be saying. Being a naturally poor-circulation kind of girl, I have finally been hit with my “Australian acclimatisation” (having lived in Austria for a little while, Australian winter’s weren’t all that bad.. until now), and am sorely missing the fact that it is Summer in Europe right now. Icy cold finger tips and numbed feet, are just some of the lovely pains my body produces in the cold. But, one thing I cringe over in Winter, is the dryness, the flakiness and the scathing resentment I internalise over my drama-queen skin (that I probably should do something about). Enter L’Occitane Angelica, and my resentment has at-long-last, been lifted. I have finally done something about the constant Winter-Dry-Spell my skin was succumbing to.
Dehydrated skin- meet your arch nemesis: L’occitane Angelica Hydration. No longer will your skin be a victim of the life-sucking, desert-resembling winter weather. No, ladies and gentlefolk, your skin is all about luminosity and suppleness this winter, thanks to a miracle plant- Angelica. A sweet smelling range, that is hard to pass up, L’occitane Angelica Hydration range uses Organic Angelica, a natural beauty product from the Angels, that helps to protect the skin from free radicals, whilst improving the skin fibres elasticity and hydration.
I added the L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Roll-on Eye Cream,  Hydration Cream and new Sublime Essence $56 (on shelf 14th August 2013) to my daily skincare routine, as part of a trial for Beauty Heaven.
Probably the second reason I fell head over heels for this range was the smell. I am an avid smeller.I just love nose-tingling flowers so much, I just want to rub my face in a bed of flowers every day and bliss out (too much?). So, yeah, basically what I was trying to say was that I love the smell. It is a sweet clean smell, that isn’t too overpowering.
Have I noticed a difference in my skin?
Yes! My skin is more hydrated then it would be using my regular Summer moisturiser, and is a whole lot brighter. The lines and circles around my eyes are subdued, and I look less fatigued (even though I am dying of exhaustion inside) and more refreshed. The dry patches, which were common ground on my chin and cheeks, have been sent on hiatus for four weeks thanks to the hydration boosting and stimulating Hydration Cream, and a soft, suppleness has me wanting to stroke my face all day- which I have re-framed from doing (thanks to the Sublime Essence). 
Would I repurchase it?
I would most definitely re-purchase the Sublime Essence and Roll-on Eye cream. The roller eye-cream is super handy, and ensures I do not pull my skin: it is probably one of my favourite Eye creams (and I have tried a lot), for that reason. I would repurchase the Sublime Essence, because since using it, my complexion is a lot more even, brighter and tighter. I wouldn’t repurchase the Hydration Cream, mostly because of the breakouts, and the fact that even though it was a good moisturiser, it didn’t keep my skin hydrated as long as other creams I have tested have (that being said, it was an excellent hydrated- just did not meet my stuck-in-an-airconditioned-room-all-day type of skin).
** I was kindly gifted these three products as part of a Blogger Trial at Beauty Heaven. 
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