I have a slight obsession with my brows. Not because they are fabulous: quite the opposite really. I am anal about them because I was never blessed with that ‘filled in’ brow look.  I get serious brow envy whenever someone walks past with banging brows- yes, I realise how lame that is., but that is the extent to which I had been blessed with better brows (serious sad face)
My eyebrows are stupidly sparse, wirey and well, just plain sucky. I have struggled for years to find the perfect brow companion to fill them in, and make them less shittastic: to no avail. Just when I was about to give up hope, I found my Brow nirvana in Mirenesse Touch up Brow Sculptor: a pencil-and-gel-in-one: and I was hooked. This baby is all about filling the sparsity in, instant taming of unruly hairs and gives the most perfect sculpting you can ever imagine.
 Nothing says ‘put together’ than a cleanly filled in brow. This shall be going on the constant re-purchase list.
** I was generously gifted this Brow Sculptor. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product as I was already purchasing the products: and have done so since.
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