It isn’t often that I stumble across a candle that I cannot stop lighting every second night. I have a rare collection of two candles that are currently on my ‘must re-purchase’ list: and I would now like to introduce to you another one that has been added to this rare list- The Circa Home 1973 Rockmelon.
I love sweet smells. I am a girly girl after all, and would happily spend my days bathing in a bath of roses, vanilla and jasmine. Luckily for me, and my bank account, I don’t need to spend my days hastily bathing in sweet smells because I have the Circa Home 1973 Rockmelon candle to get my daily dose of sweetness. 
This scented candle is inspired by 1973: denim, concords, bellbottoms and The Young & The Restless. A subtle mix of Dragonfruit, Mint and White Amber, the brings life to any room

Circa Home 1973 Rockmelon

$19.95 for 165g
$29.95 for 260g
Oh! I almost forgot to mention a big part of why I love it so: because it is the perfect counter balance to a sweet tooth- cravings, minus the calories. Basically: what every gal on a diet / clean eating / avoiding sugar / who is female would want!
Available in a Special Edition box, this release will be available in the core range in April.
Do you enjoy a sweet smell?
Images- Own and Circa Home
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