Milk Skincare Dry Touch Sunscreen
It is on rare occasions that I write a post, about a favourite product of mine, that has actually been used by my Father and given his ‘seal of approval’. Being the stoic, anti-beauty, regimented man that he is, he often scoffs at the amount of foundations or cleansers that are overtaking consume my bathroom, and wonders why I am in need of so much. It’s called beauty Dad- enough said!
 Anyway, I am pretty excited to lather you in a ‘Dad approved’ Sun-shining product, with our latest must have beauty product: Milk Skincare Dry Touch SPF 30+ Sunscreen. I purchased this product over a year ago (hence why I have an older bottle sizing), and Dad and I have both been besotted with it Australian-scented product ever since.
As you all may already know, I have a slight obsession with sunscreen. It all started with my Dad’s accumulation of skin cancers that he had removed over the past year: so, for a skin-cancer-survivor-anti-beauty-products-man to physically come up to me and tell me he approves of a beauty product/ Summer essential, you know it is pretty first class. 
Milk Skincare Dry Touch SPF 30+ Sunscreen is an
unique, super fast absorbing, non-greasy sunscreen, that protects your vulnerable skin from our harsh climate. This Australian Sunscreen is full of goodness: from the smell, the organic contents and the ultra-protective powers it gives to its users skin.

The Vitamin E provides moisture, Aloe Vera to help soothe your skin, whilst the Tea Tree aroma will revitalise senses and keep the bugs away (particularly important in this Aussie climate)! Basking in the sun just got a whole lot cooler with this Organic baby.
The only issue is, it is so good- we have almost finished the whole second bottle I was sent. I am thinking a standing order at Milk Skincare is going to be necessary. Mister Klim; never discontinue this skincare goodness! You are saving my opaque British Skin, the hassle and pain of having skin cancers removed in the future, and giving my Dad (my hero), the best protection his skin needs right now. Cudos to you!
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