Do you own a beauty product so exuberant that everytime you use you cant help but smile and feel a little bit fancy? Same here, and this my friends, is with thanks to a little mask I picked up when I was in Paris last: Sisley Paris Black Rose Mask.

I have always been besotted with the idea that a product can give me back my youth. Like a Vampire, Sisley Paris is a youth injecting brand: the eternal youngness provider (sans the Fangs and innate desire for blood). 15 minutes after sathering my face and decolletage in this delicious, swank-fest of a mask, my skin is refreshed, redensified and a butt load more luminous.
Sisley Paris Black Rose Mask is a cocktail of anti-aging active ingredients, that smoothe and plump your skin. Its key active ingredient: extract of Black Rose: offers anti-radical properties, for an instant tensor effect (which is pretty rad in itself). Oh, and I forgot to mention: as the name suggests, it smells like you are bathing in an ocean of Roses, or strolling through the Rose Gardens in Wien: blissful, intoxicating and refreshing. 
Sadly, as I write this, I am using my last squirt of the stuff. I pray that by some miracle, overnight, I will have found the elixir of youth. My birthday is next Friday, and turning 24 has made me realise that my skin right now, will probably never get better. Sisley Paris Black Rose Mask is my Holy Grail of instant gratification/ immediate youthness: so I shall be stocking up on this baby for years to come. 
All Sisley Paris products are available at David Jones
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