I was lucky enough to get to Trial Lancomes new Genefique and Visionnaire as part of a Trial team for Being 23 and knowing that I am not getting younger, I jumped at the chance to trial something that will help me in the long run. I am a huge advocate for ‘Prevention is better then a cure’ so know that I will do anything to prevent damage to my skin, and this was a great opportunity to trial a prestige brand. 
Now, I have pretty good genes on both sides of my family, and both my parents do not look their age (My Dad is sometimes mistaken as my Brother). However, I do not rely on genetics to stop me ageing, especially in this day and age where our environment is reeking havoc and damaging our cells, and just being an Australian, almost guarantees you sun damage by the age of 30.
Visionnaire and Genefique are both enticing and visually pleasing products. Both bottles look great, are shaped beautifully and look professional and expensive- great when you pay a steep price tag.
Genefique has a dropper which is great so you aren’t polluting the product with bacteria ridden hands; as you would in a container. The serum is quite slimy, and the push button is a little difficult, but this is the only downfall.
Visionnaire has a great scent that is actually quite soothing and calming. The texture is smooth and leaves my skin super soft.The only downfall I would say is that the lid is hard to get off the bottle!
After 2 weeks of using these two together, I have noticed a slight difference. Genifique is used first then Visionnaire, followed by a day/ night cream. I noticed an increased smoothness in the texture of my skins and my overall appearance was more even texture and clearer. I got a few comments that I was looking fresh and healthy which is a great confidence booster. In terms of pores, I actually noticed an increase in blackheads but there was definitely a reduction in pore size.

 Overall, having a cleaner and more even complexion was a huge bonus, and I will continue to use in hope that there are more improvements in the future.
I recommend these products to anyone and I know that I will start saving to use them in the future. They are an investment into the future and longevity of my skin.
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