I have powered through two of these GHD Style Heat protect Spray, and I am hooked. This is my sure-fire winner when it comes to heat styling, and protecting my colour. Sure, there are cheaper options on the market, but I feel that you are paying for the cheapness in its smell, quality, and probably, lack there of heat protecting abilities. I don’t trust anything else to protect my already stressed out hair then GHD: the God’s of haircare.
What you get in this almost metal feeling bottle is a nice smelling (but not over powering), professional grade heat protectant, that allows your hair to forgo the frizz and colour damage from everyday heat styling. It also is a winner because it doesnt weigh your hair down like most other heat sprays I have used.
I spritz my hair thoroughly with the GHD Style Heat protect Spray, ensuring I cover as much hair as I can, and then start to use heating products. I have to be careful though, as I have a tendency to have a trigger-happy finger, and over spraying my hair would drench it, and thus, lead to singed hair. 

Now, I have been fortunate enough to have already straight hair, so I don’t usually attack my hair with heat. But sometimes, I don’t have any patience for letting it dry naturally, or it might need a little bit of a curl. Whatever look I am going for, my trusty GHD Style Heat protect Spray is always on hand. I think I should start stock piling it: I love it that much, I would hate to see it disappear. 
What heat styling products do you use?
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