When I was little, my Mum would go to Ella Baché   for a monthly facial. And with that trip, I was “dragged” along and forced to sit in the waiting room colouring in and get fairly bored (as you would, as a 4 year old): Parent of the Year there people! I digress. The point is, Ella Baché is a brand embedded in my mind as one that cements youth and creates beautiful faces: case in point, my beautiful Mum, who’s skin is always complimented and her age questioned (clearly, not a gene passed on to me #DarnYouGenetics). Ella Baché has topped their ‘youth creating’ products again with the release of their new 50 plus sunscreen thanks to the new Australian legislation (quiet victory dance).

SPF 50+ is the biggest breakthrough for the Australian sunscreen industry. The experts at Ella Baché  have developed a SPF 50+ formula that combines powerful broad spectrum protection of UV filters that provide the first line of defence from UV damage and helps to prevent the penetration of UV light into the skin.

As you may know: I have a serious obsession passion for Sun protection (as you may have already read here, here or maybe even here). So instead of berating you with a barrage of Sunscreen facts, I am going to give it to you plain and simple: wear Ella Baché  Great 50 + Sports Bloc, protect your youth and have no skin regrets. Full stop. The end. 
Ella Baché Great 50 + Sports Bloc is the Elvis Presley of all Sunscreens. The Queen of the Screen. The Noah to the Arc… you get my drift. It is the crem-del-a-crem of all sunscreens and should definitely be in every gal’s cupboard. Sounding more like a fruit salad than a sunscreen, this 4-hour water resistant screen contains super-fruit oils: cranberry, grape seed, pomegranate, lanolin, olive oil, macadamia but and vitamin e to moisturise and protect your skin from the harmful rays.
And remember: Skin cancer ain’t sexy. Slip, slop, slap and protect your youth NOW!

Are you excited for the SPF 50 + breakthrough? 
** I was kindly sent this product to try. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. 
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