I worship at the alter of paleness. Sure, I invest in a little spray tan from time to time, but catch me frying my skin minus SPF: you most certainly will not. I was the kid, that you see in sun vests, pants, that sexy backflap + waterproof cap, painted on white zinc war paint .. ok, probably not as sexy as that, but I am MOST definitely the girl that is petrified of adding any more freckles to her already ‘rivalling Lindsay Lohan’ colony.
Pigmentation is a biatch. Sure, you might see images of a gorgeous, freckled face gal interspersed across your Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. But trust me, my pigmentation is not of the sexy variety. My freckles rival an amniotic covered, algae ridden pond: think murky, goo speckled water that you would rather chew your own toe off then get in (extreme?)! Yep, my sun speckles are the bane of my existence. 
A deep rooted fixation to obliterate them at all cost has been burning in my belly all year. Why? I have a superseded obsession with celebrity skin that was bought on one post-inflamatory, purple-specked-hyperpigmented moons ago: as you may have read here, here and oh, here!! Sure, most people would consider that maybe they had run the gauntlet of options by now, and maybe: just maybe: their skin was meant to be this way. But alas, I am not just any normal gal. I have no patience for sitting on my butt, twiddling my thumbs. Nup, I am dedicated to a cause and this cause is Pigmentation busting. 
And so my journey begins… again!

Aveda Enbrightment Range has kindly stepped up to the plate this time round, and let’s just say: it has capabilities of hitting a Grand Slam!! 

The range is aimed at reducing discolouration without the nasty Hydroquinone chemical: a skin bleacher that sure, gets great results, but is full of dirty chemicals I would like to steer clear of. Having skin that resembles a minefield, I am in need of a multi-tasker who could take on this dangerous field. Around every corner is pigmentation, uneven skin tone or acne: not exactly the most pleasant or confidence inducing skin to be honest! But in saying that, Aveda Enbrightenment really did tackle to problem head on, and I reckon I am coming out on top.
So what’s so great about the range? Aveda Enbrightenment Range contains large doses of Vitamin C, redness reducing Aloe Vera and Mulberry Extract which helps lighten the epidermis. My star product was the Aveda Enbrightenment Brightening Correcting Serum. This highly concentrated plant-powered brightening blend helps promote surface cell turnover, contains 100% naturally derived Plant-powered brightening blend and smells delicious thanks to Organic Lavender and Rose Geranium (to name a few). 

Having used the Cleanser, Masque, Toner, Correcting Lotion and Serum for the last 4 weeks, I have noticed an increase in luminosity: something rarely seen in my skin thanks to 7 years of insomnia. This rather large feat was topped off with a reduction in hyper-pigmentation caused by my years of acne and more clarity in my forehead. 


I have come to terms with the fact that I am never going to rid my skin of the damage my 23 years of Summers’ encompassed: but that is ok. I know that they are a constant reminder to take sun protection seriously and kick sun sin in the butt. 

Head on over to Aveda’s Online Store, and pick yourself up and investment in to your future.


I set you on the course of enbrightenment…
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