Chronic lethargy [tick]
Cranky pants [tick]
Distended, bloated belly  [tick] tick]
Skin mimicking the congestion on the M2 [tick] [tick] [tick]
The above, were some of the reasons I knew I needed a stern health kick (up the butt). Life has been throwing me curve balls all year, and I am struggling to keep up. Investing in sugar drenched foods, glutenous pasta, drowning my sorrows in Diet Coke: Erhmegerd, having a career is hard work you know?! I am no glowing model citizen of Healthville. So, after much deliberation and thought, on the clean eating train I jumped: first stop Eat Fit Foods 5 Day Cleanse.
Eat Fit Foods is nothing like your usual food company. It offers clean, made with love food, that tickles your taste buds and showers your insides with kisses, making it sparkle like a colonic might do. Not to mention, it is conveniently delivered to your door before you finish your zzzz’s. Talk about a lazy mans way to clean out your insides!
My taste buds were taken on a journey of deliciousness from day one, with delicious pre prepared meals that made eating, enjoyable. Brown Rice porridge with poached Pear and Walnuts was a tantalising way to start my day. Don’t get me started on the Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah), harissa roast Pumpkin, Tomato and caramelised onion OR Lime and Coconut poached Chicken. A serious food epiphany was had, and all my work colleagues were thoroughly jealous.
For the first time, in an extremely long and insomnia ridden life, I bounced out of bed with energy speeding through my veins, and even my Brother commented on my morning civilness (I think the sun began shining out my butt, I was that happy). I think it was, in part, due to the ever exciting Breakfast food I knew I had waiting for me: the juice in itself has made me want to invest in my own personal juicer.  
My food woes and intolerances are rocky: so rocky that I am often scouting the nearest Rock of Gibraltar to cling tightly to, to fathom the intestinal storm that hits shortly after stupidity takes over my brain and I consume copious amounts of gluten and dairy. Having done the Eat Fit Food 5 Day Cleanse, my concept of eating has been totally overhauled. I now crave healthy snacks, and haven’t found a need to touch Gluten or Dairy for weeks. This is a medal worthy feat, because nothing has ever made me this excited or determined about my health. Not even watching a Victoria’s Secret runway show. 
They say, it is hard to hide, when you are happy inside: and I couldn’t agree more. My intestines are full of smiles and rainbows, and my stomach sings “hallelujahs” with every mouthful of proteinous Quinoa salad or healthy juices I down. A stark contrast to it’s glutenous whimpers of yester year (or last month).
If you are anything like me, the silly season brings about an innate desire to overload on carbs, sugar and anything with a chemical level off ‘way too much’. No need to wear your loose dresses this Summer ladies, cause Eat Fit Foods has you covered. Give them a yell, and get yourself on your way to Goddess status in no time. 
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