Monotony is a very large part of my life: wake up, go to work, come home, write, try and build up some courage to hit the gym, eat, sleep. Not exactly movie worthy is it? With such humdrum, comes lack of ‘Lucy Time’ and as such, my health, sanity and skin have fallen to the way side this year. So, when a 2 hr slot of time became available on my Saturday: I did what every girl would do: hauled my ass out of my study and hola-ed at the most grandiose facial 2 hrs can get you: a DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment at The Laser Lounge, Castle Hill
DMK states that, the “Enzyme Treatments works with the skin. The enzymes strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in” and is the Taj Mahal equivalent of facials!

Words can’t describe the transition my skin skin made with this facial, but miraculous will happily fill that void for now. It is not some crappy, beat around the bush type of facial: It is, skin glorification in its purest form. 
The DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment flushes fresh blood to the skin’s surface and improves lymphatic drainage. It left me with extremely dewy, compliment-able skin: like, I had spent a week off work. And at $180, it is a lot cheaper than actually venturing on a holiday (which my calendar won’t allow)! 
My favourite part of the facial was when the masque was applied to my face and décolletage. The facial ‘cement’ was left to dry and literally felt like thousands of ants nawring away at my epidermis. At this stage, my skin felt like it had its only heart beat, as fresh oxygenated blood was being drawn to the surface (none of that old blood shit!). But don’t let my graphic imagery put you off because the itchiness did subside (after about 3 minutes), and I was left with glowing, ironically clear and smooth skin. Hello, Kate Middleton fresh!
Sure it didn’t rid me of all my horrid acne, but it definitely made them less inflamed, cleared them up in parts and even gave me confidence to with-go foundation for the WHOLE weekend (something that hasn’t happened in over 6 years).
This facial totally blew my mind and my expectations for what facials should be like. I have now turned in to a facial whore and refuse to let anyone, except for The Laser Lounge, work miracles on my miracle-needing skin! A feel a new addiction coming along.
What is your favourite skin resurrecting facial?
Images- DMK
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