A 6 year old gave me a flower the other day. His infatuation with me was affection in its rawest form. He loves me. Full stop. That is honest and pure love: a rarity in this day and age. What more would you want?
This was the first time this year that I got flowers. Sure, it was a wilted daisy that he had been holding in his sweaty palm for an hour, but it was a thoughtful flower non-the-less. And it got me thinking, when was the last time you received flowers? 

The idea of flower giving is often lost on me, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love receiving them. I am a supremely emotional person. I love surrounding myself with beauty, so, when I get a beautiful bunch of flowers, I watch in haste and nervousness as the beauty fades and you are left with a vase of decrepit, lifeless stems. The dirty smells fills the air, and musty, overgrown algae filled water sits in the vase, waiting for me to open a drawer and for it to fall in (don’t laugh, this has happened on many occassions). 

So, from now on, I have decided to look at Flowers in a more positive light. I will start to buy flowers for myself (shock horror, a single female buying her own flowers) and filling my room with love and beauty; even if it is to die: the beauty that it did have, will make me smile.  

My all time Favourite Flowers
These babies last for ages and the colour combinations are insane. I want to have cascading hydrangeas at my wedding (like above). Will need to find myself a man first!
Blair Waldorf and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to flower choices. These regal buds bring me such joy, and the fact that you only need a few to fill a vase means they are more cost effective.
My Mum always tells me the story of how her Grandpa grew Dahlias in her backyard when she was a little girl. It is through her re-collection of her childhood that I now associate these intriguingly, beautiful flowers with love and affection.
What are your favourite flowers to receive or give?

For beautiful flowers delivered to your (or a special someone’s door), try Roses Only for a dazzling selection of flowers and gift hampers. Everyone should have this site bookmarked: I certainly do!
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  • oh wow, those are beautiful flowers 🙂 roses are my all time fave. xo

    • I love the smell of roses. There is this beautiful rose garden in Vienna that I just love walking through when I am in the country mmm 🙂

  • Ty

    I like most flowers and my favourite changes from time to time. At the moment, I really like Gerberas. 🙂 Hydrangeas, peonies and dahlias are beautiful!

  • Flowers are really something that make me happy! I love the colour, the smell… flowers are so pretty, I always take photos of flowers I buy or receive as gift! I’m very lucky because my fiance gives me flowers regularly (he never used to).

    • It is amazing how flowers can just lift your mood so easily. Especially in summer, they bring such happiness to a room.

      You are one lucky girl to get flowers all the time. I wish a guy would buy me flowers 😛 X

  • you would’ve loved the tulip festival that I went to today in Bowral, NSW

    ps peonies are my favourite too! xo

    • Tulip festival sounds unreal. I wish i had seen it. 🙂

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