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“Wow girl, when did you get flawless skin?!”
I kid you not, this was the first thing my friend said to me upon arriving back from her life in New York! Before I knew it, we were making our way to the nearest Priceline to scour the racks for the Revlon Colorstay Whipped creme foundation, and let me just say, she is thoroughly stocked for the next year and won’t stop talking about it. So in a word, before I even tell you about the stuff, I think it is safe to assume that Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation is: unreal!
So, why is this foundation a compliment giver? The luxurious texture creates the most perfect base for bronzers and blush to hold to. This talc and paraben Free foundation (wohoo) has a  whipped texture meaning the foundation glides on and melts when it comes in contact with your skin. With an even, matte coverage guaranteed, your skin looks flawless and feels so silky, you won’t want to stop stroking it! 
To top it off, the time release texture means your skin won’t look or feel cakey, and it actually lasts all day. IAnd for all you clobbers and instagrammers  out there, rest assured you will look hot in photos cause all traces of ‘ghost’ were thrown out the window when they invented this stuff!
The glass jar packaging is on par to that of a higher end foundation (think Chanel and YSL), so you get to look and feel like a celebrity, on a loose change budget! However, the only downfall is that it isn’t the best for travelling: heavy and glass just doesn’t really equate to ‘throw in your backpack’ friendly.
Applied with your fingers, coverage is average, but still looks great. I would suggest you use a brush or sponge to apply for a more even coverage, as it gives you a smoother canvas  to work with and ensures a more flawless look.  
If I would change anything about the foundation, it would be that it doesn’t have SPF in it. For Australian’s, I can’t hail the importance of sun protection, so if you are planning to use this during the day, please ensure you apply a sunscreen base or primer with an SPF in it!
Revlon understands woman and their make up needs. Why else would millions of woman across the globe trust it? Try it, buy it ladies!
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  • Wow! Great post– I have never tried this ‘whipped’ foundation trend because it simply looked too good to be true, but with a review like this… how can I not! I love all the beauty ideas you give me! Time to try some new things I say.

    Have a lovely day Luc!

    Gen x

    • haha I definitely would recommend you try it! It is truly a wonderful foundation.

      Have a lovely day too gorgeous girl

      Luc X

  • i was having a fat friday with my friend yesterday and we saw the ad for this product on tv..i wont lie we got pretty excited! i was scared it was going to leave the face a little cakey..leaving me a little hesitant to purchase it! but your post has tempted me that little more to try it out xo

  • Hey Luc!

    Thanks for the review. I’ve never really been into foundation that come in a tub. And I’ve never the best sponge user either!
    However this foundation does exist in a more liquid form and I have been in love with it from the beginning and totally understand your enthusiasm for this product.
    If you ever need help searching for a foundation again, check out PS Beauty. It works wonders finding the foundation that’ll suit your skin type and also really gets the shade picking.
    Hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Xx Lucy

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