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Hi, my name is Lucy and I am born of the  cellulite gene. Not going to lie, it hasn’t bought me much joy like my Green eyes, long eyelashes or straight hair genes have, and it most certainly hasn’t given me the confidence to step in to a bikini. So, 2 months ago, I made it my mission to correct my genetic pre-disposition and blast those badies off my thighs How you ask? With my secret weapon, of course:
Elixia Bodyshaper Cellulite Contour Creme.
Elixia Bodyshaper Cellulite Contour Creme isn’t your latest “miracle” potion. It isn’t a treadmill, and it definitely ain’t not fad diet. What it is, is a cosmetic product that helps to reduce subcutaneous fat and cellulite. It is a product that 
gives you results. Full stop. The end. 
Elixia is a scientific brand that uses formula’s specifically developed to give the consumer the best skincare they can: and this is the main reason why I love Elixia. Why? Cause you can’t fault science. Bodyshaper is a breakthrough formula in their brand that uses triple-action Tricellite Active™ formula to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Yeah, a little technical, but the bottom line is: it reduces cellulite by shrinking fat cells.
BodyShaper claims to redefine skin after 4 weeks of use with a 24% increase in hydration. How? Posphagenics, uses a patented TPM® Delivery Technology that is scientifically proven to improve the absorption of key ingredients into the skin. What does this do? Makes skin firmer, toned and reduces the appearance of cellulite. 
My favourite part of the program?
No exercise or diet was required
My legs became more toned, skin suppler and smoothe (thanks to Aloe Vera and Vitamin K) and my cellulite was dramatically reduced (please note, not entirely dissipated) .
The smell was so calming and has became my favourite part of my beauty routine: really got me in the mood for Summer.
Would i recommend Elixia BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Creme? Yes, definitely. And now that the price has been reduced DRAMATICALLY to $59 (from $99), it is the perfect time to obliterate your most dreaded part of Summer, and say hello to bikini confidence.
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  • I always thought cellulite creams were a fad..but apparently not! can you purchase this cream in stores or only online? xo


    • No, not at all. I would highly recommend this cream. It smells unreal, works (like, honestly works) and isnt expensive at all. You can purchase online and in store at Myer.

      It is definitely worth it!

      Take care lovely,

      Luc X

  • Interesting! I think a trip to Myer may be in the cards for me! 🙂

  • Oh please please please may they have it in Myer here! I’m an absolute exercise and clean eating freak but there is just that stubborn last bit even exercising can’t remove… Definitely trying this one out! Thanks!

    Gen x

    • Oh Gen, so do. It is worth every penny and smell delicious! I love clean eating, but there are just some things in life, food cant budge!!

      Let me know how it goes 🙂 X

  • I need to buy this!!! Rachel x

  • Thanks for the tip! I need to reduce my cellulite!


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