Happy 10 th Birthday in Australia Bio Oil!
Bio Oil is a brand that is synonymous with quality. For the past 7 years now, it is probably the only beauty item that I have re purchased, without fail, every time it runs out. Even in Austria, I would order in bulk from the UK because my local stores didn’t stock it (which was extremely surprising). It is a miracle worker in keeping my stretch marks (yes, I have stretch marks **gasp**) under wraps, and in keeping my skin hydrated in the hydration zapping winter. So, when I got the invite to their 10th Birthday Celebrations (10 years in Oz woot woot!), to say I was excited, was the understatement of the century.
Held at Chiswick in Woollahra: a name that, just like Bio Oil, echoes quality. The food was impeccable and a rare treat from my consistently boring meals of late. It definitely made my taste buds become food snobs, and desire only the best from now on. Pity the next day was followed by a meagre salad and water (oh the perils of trying to eat healthy).
Orange blossoms filled the private dining room and beckoned Spring to bring more fruitful weather. Ducklings, less than 1 week old, made their way into every Beauty medias’ hands and hearts as they waddled around and dozed in their little wicker basket. All, in all, a birthday to remember.
Bio Oil definitely set the bar high for beauty events. But, then again, their product is equally as impressive, so you wouldn’t expect nothing else. 10 years in the Australian market, and still growing strong. I will see you at the 20th Birthday celebrations Bio Oil! At the rate I use Bio Oil on my face to prevent ageing, I think it is safe to say I will look the same!
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