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Do you suffer from weighed-down-hair-itis? When your hair is so heavy and flat, it sucks the Sun out of Sunday? Well ladies, I have found your cure. Let me introduce to you, Pantene Aqua Light: a revolutionary haircare regime, that allows you to have commercial ready hair, minus the pesky residue. 
They say, cleanliness is next to godliness. I agree completely, except when it comes to my hair care. Clean hair is great, but it usually comes with a weighted contract: and by weighted, I mean, flat, weighed down hair, with no volume. The Pantene Aqua Light 3 step program allows you to achieve the perfect balance between conditioned and lightness, thanks to its water soluble beads: resulting in clean but swishable locks. Having been skeptical about hair care claims in the past (after a horrible stint with a certain shampoo brand that made my scalp cry instead of long luscious locks), I was well surprised. The Aqua Light program was so nourishing, I think my hair began to sing ‘hallelujah’ every time I hopped in the shower to wash it. Not one ounce of oil could be found across my roots (something that most other ‘light’ programs do) and I can safely say, my commercial ready hair days are in full swing. I’m sold!
And remember ladies, for those of you have virgin hair (non-dyed), if you are wanting to do a good deed for the year, you can donate 20 cm of your locks to those woman who had to loose theirs to battle Cancer. Visit Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths website to find out how you can help give Cancer sufferers a new lease on life.
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