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“Holy Mother of Goodness”. This is what my body screams every time I dollop a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil into my aperture. 
“Hallejuah”, applauds my skin.
So yeah, my body is a tad overly dramatic, but I ain’t lying when I say that those tropical nuts that grow on tall trees, and cause all castaways such grief, are a cause of such great skin feats across the globe. Don’t believe me? Well, why don’t you check out the radiant faces of Miranda Kerr and Lara Bingle who are big fans of the super nut. Sold? I thought so!
I’ve been a member of the ‘Coconut society’ for the past 6 weeks. Having cleared my pantry off all nasty stimulants (yes, that meant my daily dose of Diet Coke **cue sad face**) and came of the Pill (which was controlling my skin freakouts): I have been sorely surprised at how my skin has coped, thanks in part to Coconut Oil.
 Whether you eat it’s flesh, drink it’s juice or coat your loins in its’ oil, you are destined for fruitful results: full stop.
The use of Coconut Oil is a hotly contested debate as of late. The consumption of it is often labelled as ‘unhealthy’ by uneducated sources, but nutritionists and Naturopaths herald it’s use (in moderation of course) as the Mother of all Superfoods and as a natural body healer.
So why is Coconut Oil so good for us?
  • Coconut Oil is made up of medium chain fatty acid that helps provide pure energy as the Oil is sent straight to the liver to breakdown
  • It contains Lauric Acid; also found in Breast Milk: which helps to protect your immunity
  • Coconut Oil helps to fight free radicals
  • Organic varieties are free from any nasties
  • It has antimicrobial properties, meaning it fights infections and baddies internally and externally
  • It can help maintain cholesterol levels, relieve Kidney + Heart disease issues, lowers blood pressure, strengthens our bones and is good for your teeth
  • Is a fat burner, so aids in weightloss
  • Anti-ageing and helps hydrate the body
How to use Coconut Oil?
I personally chow down on 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil a day (just like eating nutella out of a jar- except good for you). I initially started out with 2 Teaspoons a day, but over time have increased quantity, and will eventually make my way to 4 Tablespoons.
Some other ways to use this super oil is:
  • In Cooking: use instead of cooking oils
  • As a Hair treatment: put in the ends of your hair and leave for an hour, then wash out. For a more intensive treatment, cover your whole head in the oil, wrap in cling film and leave overnight. Wash out in the morning to reveal your newly nourished hair.
  • As a body moisturiser
  • In drinks: use in smoothies to thicken and make your drinks more nutritious.
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  • I love coconut (in ice-cream, cakes, biscuits, yum!). I have never tried coconut butter/oil in cooking and I don’t like coconut water nor coconut milk so much. I keep hearing about how good coconut butter is so I might give it a go. In France it is popular to use coconut oil on skin at the beach for a browner tan. It smells lovely.

  • Mmmm coconut icecream would be so good!!

    Coconut is definitely worth a try. It is hard to stomach initially (i think it is the texture), but after a while you start eating it like icecream 😛 And it really is so good for you.

    I definitely don’t use it to tan (I would fry, my british skin couldn’t take it), but it is so luxurious (yet cheap)as a body moisturiser 😛

    Luc X

  • Ty

    I used to drink its juice and eat its flesh all the time but I didn’t realise you can eat coconut oil straight out of the jar! I might give this a try. Thanks for the post! 🙂

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