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I turn nasty when I am deprived of what I want. When I get really bad PMS, my family leave me alone because they know my inner Hulk can easily emerge at any second (without warning), so when I started the Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse, I pre-warned them to avoid getting on my bad side for 5 days.
For anyone looking to cleanse, I would definitely advocate the Dietlicious 5 Day Cleanse. It is easy to do, as all meals are pre-prepared for you, all your need to do is either defrost, heat or cook in a pan for a minute. It is convenient: all meals are easily microwaved in plastic containers: and it is yummy, so there is definitely no food deprivation tactics necessary.
The Watermelon, Mint + Acai smoothie and the Mixed Berry with Cacao Smoothie really hit the spot in the mornings. Delicious, filling and has now fuelled my obsession with Acai and Cacao: it is my newest Superfood I am trialling in everything. 
My lunches were something of a novelty to my work colleagues, and jealousy did eventuate. The first day I had a beautiful Indian Curry with Rice that lured some lovely ladies in to the kitchen and got them talking about how they could make it themselves. I promptly showed them to the Dietlicious website.
This cleanse definitely opened my palette up to new tastes and foods. Quinoa was something I had heard of, but never tried, and I am now looking at ways to incorporate it into my meals. You don’t realise how much bad foods become like a drug until you are in an email conversation with your best friends and she is talking you out of ‘using’ again (in this case, eating sugary food). 
Overall, I am so happy with the result. The Dietlicious 5 day Cleanse is a cleanse for time poor, energy needing gals who don’t have the will power to starve themselves (nobody should really). I will admit it, I fell at the last days hurdle and only did the 4 days, but it honestly didn’t phase me that I didn’t stick out the 5 days because I had already seen the results and started incorporating healthier options into my food.
It really makes you analyse your eating habits and show you what eating naturally can do. The results were so good, I feel that by eliminating all the shit I put in my body, I will be able to maintain better sleeping patterns, healthy attitude and outlook on life and be able to maintain the glow that I currently have going on. This is a detox that makes sense, doesn’t starve you of food and vital nutrients. 
I would definitely do again, and would recommend everyone to try. 
1. Have a Food Friend on hand. I enlisted the help of Jana, who talked me through my cravings and ensured I stayed on path. You are the one controlling what goes in to your body, but having kind and inspiring words on hand definitely helps keep your mind from wandering to ‘naughty foods’
2. If you are planning to eat the broccoli, be prepared to cop a lot of flack from the ‘off’ smell that it has whilst cooking it onwards. Rest assure, it is not off, it is normal, but does smell quite putrid.
3.Clean out your cupboards of chocolate. Your willpower will seriously be tested when you find it. I un-knowingly left a bag of lollies in my dresser: I had dreams that I ate them that night and woke up feeling stressed. Definitely avoid at all costs.
4. Stock up on extra ‘detox’ snacks e.g. Fruit, Organic Coconut Water. I was still hungry the first 2 days so it was good to have extra snacks on hand.
5. Keep a big bottle of water on hand at all times and ensure you are always within distance to a toilet.

6. Don’t start the diet on a workday. I really struggled with lethargy for the first 2 days. If you can, start on a quiet weekend so you can take it easy.
Good Luck and may the will-power be with you!
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